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Tax Collector

***E-Bills are available for your SEWER accounts. If you would like to receive an email instead of a paper sewer bill in the mail, please send an email collector@bernards.org subject line "E-Bill Request" and include your name and property address.***

The Tax Collector is responsible for the billing, collection and reporting of taxes for all non-exempt Township properties. Additionally, we bill, collect and report sewer user fees for all properties within the Bernards Township Sewerage Authority area.

Property taxes are based on the assessor's valuation of real property and levied for the calendar year. The taxes for the Township, local school district, county purposes and both local and county open space are combined into one levy that is apportioned on the tax bill by rate and amount for taxpayer information only. Taxes levied for purposes of the local school district cover the current calendar year.

The Tax Collector collected 99.00% of the total tax levy in 2022. The Tax Collection division services 10,678 tax accounts and 7,227 sewer accounts as of 1-1-23.

    Bernards Township's tax rate for 2022 is as follows:
  • County Tax $ 0.312
  • County Open Space $ 0.031
  • District School $ 1.335
  • Municipal Tax $ 0.299
  • Municipal Library $ 0.034
  • Total Rate 2022 $2.011

Final 2023/Preliminary 2024 Tax Bills are expected to be mailed by mid-July 2023.

Please contact our office for information concerning veteran deductions and senior/disabled deductions.

***Please note, postmark dates are not an indication of receipt by the Tax Collector.  Physical custody by the Tax Collector determines receipt for our purposes.***

When are taxes and sewer bills due?

Taxes are due on the first of February, May, August and November of each year.

There is a ten calendar day grace period for each, with all payments due in our office no later than the 10th of the month they are due.

Sewer bills are billed in mid-December due January 1 and mid June, due July 1.

Sewer user fees have a 30 day grace and must be received in our office no later than the 30th calendar day in the month they are due.

Bernards Township does not accept postmark for tax and sewer payments.