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Thank you Lynne.  I’ll follow up with you after I know for certain what is required.


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Hi Denise:

Hope this new year finds you well.

The last time we spoke was in December of 2007 regarding the incident that we had with Mark Roskein from the Somerset County Health Department.

The following is what you had asked me to send you as a follow up.


We are a garbage company in Somerset County and in October of 2007 one of my trucks was in a development in Branchburg doing our normal residential route. The driver was stopped by Mr. Mark Roskein from Somerset County Division of Health. He demanded to see our D.E.P. card; took a picture of it along with the license plate of the truck. He wanted to know where our smaller truck was. The driver told him that we do not use the smaller truck in Branchburg only the Basking Ridge area. Mr. Roskein told the driver that any smaller truck that is used to pick up garbage must have a letter from the town that they use the truck in and if they don’t they can be fined. We use a small GMC truck to pick up homes in the Basking Ridge area that use our back door service. This is for people that either have long driveways or just want the convenience of not having to put their garbage out at the curb. The truck has a D.E.P. card and sticker it is legal for this truck to pick up garbage in the State of New Jersey but it seems not through the Somerset County Division of Health.

I do not know where to go from here. I know that eventually he will be in the Basking Ridge area looking for our truck and I will receive a ticket for not having a letter from the town.

Is it possible to have this done? I don’t know if any of the other companies that pick up in your area have requested this letter since every hauler has this same service.

The scans are from Cynthia Lee in the Bernards Township Health Department. Mr. Roskein sent them to her.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.

Lynne Kohler

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