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Pill Hill Recycling Center

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Operating Schedule

8 AM - 4 PM November through March
8 AM - 5 PM April through October

Noon - 4 PM April, May, June, October, November


From the Center of Basking Ridge
  • Take W. Oak St. to the intersection of Mt. Airy Rd.
  • Cross over Mt. Airy Rd. onto Pill Hill Rd.
  • Recycling Center is approx. 3/4th of mile down on your left.

  • From the Center of Liberty Corner
  • Take Lyons Rd. to Mt. Airy Rd.
  • Follow Mt. Airy Rd. until you see Pill Hill Rd. on your left.
  • Make left onto Pill Hill Rd.
  • Recycling Center is approx. 3/4th of mile down on your left.

  • From the Hills Development on Allen Rd.
  • Take Allen Rd. to Martinsville Rd.
  • Make a Left on Martinsville Rd.
  • Go to the end at the intersection of Martinsville Rd and Mt Airy Rd.
  • Cross over onto Mt. Airy Rd.
  • Follow Mt. Airy Rd. until you see Pill Hill Rd. on your left.
  • Make left onto Pill Hill Rd.
  • Recycling Center is approx. 3/4th of mile down on your left.

  • Permits & Vehicles

    In the beginning of January each year, residents may obtain the annual permit (punch card) free of charge for the Pill Hill Recycling Center. The permits will be issued 8:00AM - 3:30PM, Monday - Friday at the Bernards Township Public Works Facility located at 277 South Maple Ave. Basking Ridge. Proof of residency must be presented at the time the permit is obtained.

    Only one free permit per residence per calendar year will be issued.

    All residents must possess and display their permit card to enter the facility. No commercial vehicles will be allowed except those owned by the resident. Vehicles larger than a pickup are not allowed nor are commercial vehicles. (Exception: A commercial vehicle registered in the name and address of a private resident for their personal use; no commercial usage.)

    The permit card is good for four (4) punches. The minimum number of punches charged for a visit will be one. A sample schedule follows:

    A. Car or Station Wagon = One Credit Used
    B. MiniVan, Small Trailer = Two Credits Used
    C. Small Pickup = Two Credits Used
    D. Full Size Pickups = Four Credits Used

    Partial credits may be charged for B, C or D above if, in the determination of the gate attendant, the material delivered constitutes half or less of the capacity of the vehicle (i.e. a half full pickup may be punched two times instead of four based upon the attendant's estimate). No punches will be made on the permit card for brush, wood waste & leaves.

    Auto & light truck tires without rims will be accepted at a cost of $5 per tire; any tire with a rim will cost $10. No heavy truck or equipment tires will be accepted.

    Additional punches (credits) may be purchased at the Public Works Office only. Current cost is $60 per punch (credit).

    Vegetative Wastes

    Leaves, brush and other yard trimmings [excluding grass clippings] will be accepted. The permit card will not be punched for these visits, however, displaying the permit card will speed your trip and help eliminate delays for all users.

    Leaves may be brought in any type of container. All containers must be emptied and taken back by the resident. No other materials may be mixed in with the leaves.

    To be accepted, wood waste must be in a form that can be chipped. Small brush and twigs must be tied in bundles. Bundles or individual pieces should be no more than twelve inches in diameter. Lengths of three to four feet are best. No stumps, roots or foreign matter such as nails or dirt will be accepted. Wood scrap such as unfinished lumber (non-chemically treated, not painted, no metal or nails, no plywood or laminated pieces) will also be accepted, if chippable.

    Bulky Household Waste

    Permit cards will be punched as per the current schedule. Examples of bulky household waste are furniture, carpeting & padding, construction debris (other than recyclables and those listed as not accepted), mattresses, attic clean-out, appliances, etc.

    Recyclable Materials

    The Township of Bernards participates in and pays for the countywide curbside pickup of household recyclables. Residents are encouraged to use this service. As an emergency-type convenience for residents, the Township will accept common household recyclables if prior arrangements are made through the Department of Public Works office. No punches [credits] are charged for these items. Recyclable materials must be separated from the bulky household waste prior to entering the facility.

    Specific Items Not Accepted

  • Grass Clippings Asbestos & Asphalt Shingles
  • Insulation Latex, water or oil based paint
  • Sheetrock or drywall Antifreeze, transmission & brake fluids
  • Stumps Abrasive cleaners or powders
  • Toxic or hazardous wastes Pool Chemicals/Photographic Chemicals
  • Concrete, brick, concrete blocks Ammonia-based cleaners & Bleach
  • Bituminous concrete/Dirt Mothballs/disinfectants
  • Fuel Tanks of any type Drain/toilet/oven/rug/cleaners
  • Propane Tanks Used motor oil
  • Fuels Floor & Furniture Polish
  • Car Batteries Food Products
  • Junk Cars Common Household Garbage
  • Diapers Railroad Ties

  • Regulations are subject to revisions, call Department of Public Works Office @ 908-204-3084 for specifics.

    Lost cards cannot be replaced and any bulky waste disposal contemplated in a calendar year after a card is lost will be on a fee basis.

    No punches (credits) are charged for the following goods:

  • Aluminum Cans
  • Aluminum & non-ferrous scrap
  • Computer, high grade white and mixed office paper
  • Corrugated cardboard
  • Glass containers
  • Heavy iron
  • Newsprint
  • Plastic containers such as soda bottles
  • Tires ($5 charge, $10 with rim)
  • White goods & light iron

Used motor oil is accepted at the DPW garage, 277 South Maple Avenue.