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Recycling & Disposal

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Curbside Collection

Household Trash
Food waste and all other materials that are left after all recycled materials are removed. Bernards Township residents are required to obtain their own hauler for trash removal. Please contact your hauler for a comprehensive list of typical household trash items.

Household Recycling
Newspapers, glass bottles, steel, metal & aluminum cans, other paper & junk mail, textiles, corrugated cardboard and batteries

Recycling Center

Pill Hill Recycling Center

  • Vegetative wastes such as leaves, brush and other yard trimmings (excluding grass clippings)
  • Bulky household waste such as furniture, carpeting & padding, permitted construction debris, mattresses, attic clean-out and appliances

Special Items

Electronic Waste
Computer monitors, computers/laptops, keyboards, computer mice, modems, external drives, scanners, printers, copy machines, cables, other computer peripherals, VCRs, DVD players, stereos, radios, phones, fax machines, camcorders, electric typewriters, and most media (floppies, CDs, DVDs), telephones, cell phones, and similar products. Please present to the gate attendant.

Fluorescent Lightbulbs
Please click on 'Recycling of Fluorescent Bulbs' under 'Documents'.

Hazardous Household Waste
Wastes will only be accepted if they are in their original labeled containers.  The following materials may be dropped off: Abrasive cleaners, ammonia-based cleaners, auto products (antifreeze, etc.), bleach cleaners, disinfectants, drain cleaners, floor & furniture polish, fluorescent tubes, compact fluorescent light bulbs, gasoline, kerosene, mercury switches & thermometers, mercury, mothballs, oil based paint, oven cleaners, photographic chemicals, pool chemicals, propane tanks, rug & upholstery cleaners, toilet cleaners.

Waste Oil Drop Off Procedure

Please click on "Waste Oil Recycling" under Documents.

Household Medication
Over-the-counter and prescription medication

Home Generated Medical Waste
Discarded needles and other sharps

Mattress Disposal