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A local board of health is a policy-making and enforcement body charged with protecting the public's health.

Under New Jersey state law, every municipality must provide for the functions of a local Board of Health. Most Boards are comprised of private citizens appointed by the elected officials of their municipality and are charged with the responsibility for their jurisdiction's public health. There are two categories that New Jersey Boards of Health fall into: Autonomous and Advisory.

An autonomous Board of Health has the legal authority to set health policy for its community by passing ordinances and adopting codes on issues of public health. They also ensure that their municipality is in compliance with New Jersey's Local Health Services Act and the NJ Public Health Practice Standards of Performance, the set of statutes and codes which lay the framework for public health activities and assure every citizen has the right to a minimal level of public health protection. The Bernards Township Board of Health is autonomous.

An advisory Board of Health has none of the legal powers of an autonomous Board. Basically, an advisory Board's function is just what the name suggests -- to advise. Their recommendations are taken into account by the actual policymakers who might be the town council or another unit of government.

Bernards Township Board of Health Members and appointment terms:

Name Membership Term Expires
Dr. Chris HuntRegular12/31/2021
Dr. Elizabeth KornRegular12/31/2019
Dr. John SalakiPresident12/31/2021
Dr. Mona BirkRegular12/31/2021
Jennifer AsayVice President12/31/2019
Joan HarrisRegular12/31/2020
Nick XuRegular12/31/2020
Paula J. DeBona, Esq.Board Attorney

Additional Facts About the Board of Health:

The Board of Health meets the 2nd Thursday after the 1st Monday at 8pm January-June and September-October and then they meet the 1st Thursday of December at the Bernards Township

Health Department at 262 South Finley Avenue, Basking Ridge, NJ

PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that the Board of Health of the Township of Bernards will meet to discuss or act upon public business at 8:00 pm on each of the dates set forth below at the Bernards Township Health Department located at 262 South Finley Avenue, Basking Ridge, NJ 07920

Meeting Schedule:

  • 01/17/2019 8PM
  • 03/14/2019 8PM
  • 04/11/2019 8PM
  • 05/16/2019 8PM
  • 06/13/2019 8PM
  • 09/12/2019 8PM
  • 10/17/2019 8PM
  • 12/05/2019 8PM

For more information please visit or Contact the Bernards Township Health Department at 908-204-2520.

The Bernards Township Health Department is located on:
262 South Finley Avenue Basking Ridge, New Jersey 07920