Minutes of the Meeting of the Board of Trustees

of the Bernards Township Library

March 1, 2017 (for February)




President Kippy Piedici called the meeting to order at 7:30 p.m. in the Bernards Township Library Lower Level Conference Room.




In accordance with the requirements of the Open Public Meetings Law of 1975, notice of the meeting was posted on the bulletin board in the Reception Hall of the Municipal Building, Collyer Lane, Basking Ridge and the Bernards Township Library Public Notices bulletin board; was mailed to The Bernardsville News, Bernardsville; was filed with the Township Clerk; and was posted on both the Township’s website and the Library’s website.






4.     ROLL CALL

Present:  John Carpenter, Alyson Galusha, Mary Jane McNally, Tim Opremcak, Kippy Piedici, and Santosh Subramanian

Absent:  Vivian Pagoulatos

Also Present: Ruth Lufkin




There was no public comment.




The Board moved upstairs to the new Technology Center where Information Technology Manager Ryan McCloskey described his three major areas of responsibility:  maintenance, support, and special/innovative projects.  Ryan also gave a preview of the Library’s new website that is under development.



MOTION 17-06 was made by Tim Opremcak and seconded by Santosh Subramanian to approve the minutes of the January 25, 2017 meeting as written.  The motion passed unanimously.




·         Kippy formalized the Board members’ appointments to standing committees.  The Friends and Land/Building committees are vacant.  The Policy committee chair position will remain unfilled until the Board is at full strength. 

·         There will be a soft open house of the Library’s newly renovated areas Sunday, April 23, 2017.  

·         Kippy encouraged Board members to attend the Morris Union Federation (MUF) dinner Thursday, May 4, 2017.  This year, the dinner will be at the Bernardsville Public Library.




·         Ruth announced the launch of the innovative series, “Serious Fun Classes:  Use Your Device to Improve Your Life.”  Each of six topics will be presented twice this spring – once at Bernards Township Library and once at Bernardsville Public Library. Karen Andriolo, Dana Skwirut, and Karen Vaias will each present a topic.

·         Spring Leisure Learning programs will need to relocate Monday, April 24, 2017 because of the logistics involved in removing the historic oak tree.  All Leisure Learning programs that day will be relocated to St. Mark’s Episcopal Church and parking will be available at St. James Catholic Church.

·         Ruth read a note from a student extolling the new Teen Space.   




A.    Treasurer/Finance—Alyson Galusha

Ruth reported that our accounts are in good shape.


B.    Friends of the Library Liaison—

·         Kippy expressed her appreciation of the Friends’ generous allocation of $16,000.00 for technology in the new Teen Space and Technology Center. 

·         Currently, the Friends are organizing their Charter Day activities and preparing their Annual Fund Drive Appeal.


C.   Land and Building—

After the current construction project has been completed, the next project will be refurbishing and abating the noise issue in the Program Room.


D.   Legislation & Advocacy—Mary Jane McNally

Mary Jane distributed a flyer prepared by the New Jersey Library Association (NJLA) explaining the New Jersey Library Construction Bond Act.  Currently, there is legislation pending in both the Senate and Assembly that would permit a referendum to raise bonds for public library construction projects.  MOTION 17-07 was made by Alyson Galusha and seconded by Tim Opremcak to send a letter of support for the New Jersey Library Construction Bond Act (A222/S2171) to our legislators.  The motion passed unanimously. 


E.   Personnel—

No report


F.   Policy—

No report  


G.   Strategic Plan—Kippy Piedici

·         With the opening of the reconfigured staircase, one large part of the strategic plan has been accomplished.  As a result, Kippy announced that the space reorganization subcommittee of the strategic plan committee will be disbanded.

·         Township Special conflicts Attorney Jonathan Drill has been working with the Library to resolve incomplete construction issues.  MOTION 17-08 to spend up to $2,000.00 (To Include Reimbursable Expenses as Required) from Reserve Line 7-01-LI-R01-D01 – Space Reorganization – Professional Services to cover legal services in connection with the closeout of the Library Space Reorganization Contract with Fine Wall Corporation from Special Counsel Jonathan E. Drill, Esq. of the firm Stickel, Koenig, Sullivan & Drill was made by John Carpenter and seconded by Tim Opremcak.  With a roll call vote, the motion passed 6-0.



H.   Technology—Tim Opremcak

Covered in Ryan McCloskey’s presentation.


I.      Township Committee Liaison—John Carpenter

John reported that in light of the Library Board’s two vacancies, the Township Committee is reviewing Tap the Talent responses. 




There was no old business.




·         MOTION 17-09 was made by Tim Opremcak and seconded by Santosh Subramanian to close the Library Saturday, April 15, 2017 to allow for cleaning the HVAC ducts and carpet if the vendor schedule allows.  The motion passed unanimously.

·         Ruth gave an overview of the 2017 budget commenting on a few lines that needed additional explanation. 

o      Unallocated reserves – fines, polling place, and unspent money from 2015 are now reflected in the Library’s budget.  The Finance Committee will need to do a reserve analysis.

o      Bernards Township’s MAIN assessment has increased from $39,003.03 in 2016 to $58,676.30 in 2017 – an increase of 50%.  MOTION 17-10 was made by Tim Opremcak and seconded Alyson Galusha to spend $20,000.00 from Reserve Line 7-01-LI-R01-C03 ($10,000.000) supplemented by currently Unallocated Reserves ($10,000.00) to support the MAIN assessment increase.  After a roll call vote, the motion passed 6-0.

·         MOTION 17-11 was made by John Carpenter and seconded by Alyson Galusha to adjourn the meeting at 9:10 p.m.  The motion passed unanimously.

·         The next meeting of the Bernards Township Library Board of Trustees is scheduled for 7:30 p.m., March 29, 2017.