Minutes of the Meeting of the Board of Trustees

of the Bernards Township Library

January 28, 2015




Ruth Lufkin called the meeting to order at 7:38 p.m. in the Bernards Township Library Lower Level Conference Room.




In accordance with the requirements of the Open Public Meetings Law of 1975, notice of the meeting was posted on the bulletin board in the Reception Hall of the Municipal Building, Collyer Lane, Basking Ridge and the Bernards Township Library Public Notices bulletin board; was mailed to The Bernardsville News, Bernardsville; was filed with the Township Clerk; and was posted on both the Township’s website and the Library’s website.



3.     ROLL CALL

Present:  John Carpenter, Jeannie Genirs, Lisa Marshall, Tania McCabe, Mary Jane McNally, Kippy Piedici, and Eileen Walsh

Absent:  Tim Opremcak and Jonathan Vidler

Also Present: Ruth Lufkin




Ruth Lufkin asked for the report of the Nominating Committee composed of Lisa Marshall and Eileen Walsh.  MOTION 15-01 was made by Lisa Marshall and seconded by Eileen Walsh to accept the following slate:  President, Kippy Piedici; Vice President, Jonathan Vidler; Treasurer, Jeannie Genirs; and Secretary, Mary Jane McNally.  The motion passed unanimously.



There was no public comment. 




MOTION 15-02 was made by Lisa Marshall and seconded by Eileen Walsh to approve the minutes of the December 10, 2014 meeting as written.  The motion passed unanimously with Jeannie Genirs and Tania McCabe abstaining. 




·         President Kippy Piedici thanked Tim Opremcak for his service as President and his leadership through the strategic planning process.

·         Kippy welcomed new members Jeannie Genirs and Tania McCabe to the Board.

·         MOTION 15-03 was made by Mary Jane McNally and seconded by Eileen Walsh to adopt the following resolution in compliance with the “Public Contracts Law and Regulations” confirming a contractual relationship with Baker & Taylor, Inc. for the purchase of books and other library materials for more than $36,000 during 2015.  The motion passed unanimously.

·         MOTION 15-04 was made by John Carpenter and seconded by Lisa Marshall to adopt the Township of Bernards Employee Handbook of Personnel Policies and Procedures as amended and re-adopted on January 2, 2015 as the employee handbook for all library employees.  The motion passed unanimously. 

·         Kippy explained the calendar of meeting dates and the structure of the Library Board standing committees.  She will be reaching out to all Board members seeking their participation as members of these groups.

·         Kippy also indicated the need to set goals for the year, including updating the bylaws. 




·         Ruth thanked John Carpenter for the Township Committee’s resolution that was presented to Betty Garrett on her retirement, acknowledging her 26 years of service to the library. 

·         Ruth discussed Verizon’s temporary shutdown of public wi-fi service because of a fifth copyright infringement incident.  The situation was quickly resolved, but Ruth and Ryan McCloskey will develop a plan for moving forward.

·         Ruth has met with Terri Johnson, Bernards Township CFO.  The full 1/3 mil funding has been assigned to the Library, but the budget lines have not been designated.

·         MAIN’s 3M Cloud Library, which will replace OverDrive as the Library’s source of digital books, went live today.  It is easily available in the app store.

·         Ruth informed the Board that Bob Waldner died January 1, 2015.  Bob had been a longtime leader of the Friends of the Library and headed the VITA program.

·         Ruth passed around a flyer promoting local author Sonal Shah’s book launch Sunday, February 8, 2015 at the Olde Mill Inn.




A.    Treasurer/Finance—

Included in the Director’s Report

B.    Friends of the Library Liaison—Lisa Marshall

·         Noah Ginter and Bill Lu are updating The Friends’ website

·         The Friends’ Banner has arrived and will be displayed in Library’s lower level.  A second, matching banner will be used to publicize the Library at special events such as Charter Day.

·         The next meeting of The Friends will be Monday, February 9, 2015.  The Friends will sponsor a Chinese Festival special event at the Mount Prospect School Gym on Sunday, March 1 from 1:00 to 3:00pm.


C.   Land and Building—Jonathan Vidler

Ruth reported on a problem with pipes that burst Thursday, January 8, 2015 after a bitterly cold night.  The problem was diagnosed as a freeze in two HVAC units.  Ruth and Pat Monaco of the Department of Public Works are working to get to the root of problem.


D.   Legislation & Advocacy—Mary Jane McNally

Mary Jane directed the Board to her report that was included in the Board packet outlining two pieces of legislation recently introduced in the New Jersey Legislature:  A3966 New Jersey Library Construction Bond Act and A4001 that would permit a municipality to vote to increase the library tax rate above the minimum 1/3 of a mil.


E.   Personnel—Tim Opremcak

Reporting for Tim, Ruth distributed the Library Organization Chart and elaborated on the opportunity presented by the recent retirement of a 35-hour Senior Library Technician.  The plan developed in consultation with Township HR and Finance staff, would include increasing the hours and responsibilities of two Technical Services workers to partially cover the loss of hours there; making the Children’s Supervising Librarian position 40 hours/week exempt to be consistent with other supervisors; promoting the Children’s Librarian to Senior Librarian – Childrens; and creating a part time position to focus on communication and marketing as dictated by the Strategic Plan.  MOTION 15-05 was made by Mary Jane McNally and seconded by Kippy Piedici to create a 19-hour Library Assistant position that would focus on Marketing Communications and Programs.  The motion carried unanimously.


F.   Policy—Eileen Walsh

Eileen summarized the work of the Policy Committee to review proposed updates to the Board Reference Guides governing financial and personnel matters.  She reviewed the development of the Human Resources Policy and Process.  MOTION 15-06 was made by John Carpenter and seconded by Mary Jane McNally to adopt the summary of roles and responsibilities for personnel matters as outlined in two documents:  “Board Reference Guide:  Human Resources Issues and Staffing” and the revised “Personnel Policy and Procedure” now called “Human Resources Policy.”   The motion passed unanimously.  Kippy thanked Eileen for her work on the Reference Guides and Policy.


G.   Strategic Plan—Ruth reported for Tim Opremcak

Reporting for Tim, Ruth outlined the 5 components of the Library’s Strategic Plan effort:  marketing and partnerships, space reorganization, technology services, funding strategies, and staffing and leadership. 

She recounted the work completed by the Ivy Group in developing a marketing plan and developing a logo, stressing that that much work remains to be completed in this area.

For space reorganization Ruth mentioned that Arcari + Iovino has developed plans, is ready to compile bidding documents and the Library is moving ahead with phase 1.


H.   Technology Mary Jane McNally

Included in Director’s report.


I.      Township Committee Liaison—John Carpenter

John stated that he is looking forward to serving another year on the Board.




There was no Old Business.




·         MOTION 15-07 was made by Lisa Marshall and seconded by Eileen Walsh to adjourn the meeting at 8:49 p.m.  The motion carried unanimously.

·         The next meeting of the Bernards Township Library Board of Trustees is scheduled for 7:30 p.m., February 25, 2015.