Minutes of the Special Meeting of the Board of Trustees

of the Bernards Township Library

August 7, 2013



President Tim Opremcak called the meeting to order at 7:30 p.m. in the Bernards Township Library Conference Room.


Given the urgency of the issue to be discussed, and the fact that the agenda was confined to that subject alone, Ruth stated that she had been advised that it was not necessary to publish notice of the meeting and notice was not published.


Present: Tim Opremcak, Kippy Piedici, Tom Russo, Jonathan Vidler, Eileen Walsh, and Leslie Workman

Absent: Lisa Marshall, Mary Jane McNally, Scott Spitzer

Also Present: Ruth Lufkin

  1. PUBLIC COMMENT: Not applicable, given the purpose of the Special Meeting.
  2. APPROVAL OF MINUTES: Not applicable, given the purpose of the Special Meeting.
  3. PRESIDENT’S REPORT: Not applicable, given the purpose of the Special Meeting.
  4. DIRECTOR’S REPORT: Not applicable, given the purpose of the Special Meeting.
  5. COMMITTEE REPORT: Not applicable, given the purpose of the Special Meeting.
  6. OLD BUSINESS: Not applicable, given the purpose of the Special Meeting.
  7. NEW BUSINESS: Ruth reported that the bids for upgrading the Library’s HVAC system were recently opened. Two were at or below the expected range; two were considerably higher than anticipated. The two lowest bidders were AME, Inc., Fairfield, NJ, which bid $143,500 ($75,000 for controls and $68,500 for equipment), and Uni-Temp, Somerset, NJ, which bid $173,615 ($113,340 for controls and $60,275 for equipment).


Ruth noted that the upgrading of the Library’s HVAC system is part of a larger plan to also upgrade the Township’s Department of Public Works building (and, at a later date, the Township’s Police Headquarters and Administration building). She also noted that all bids have been reviewed by the Township’s Purchasing Agent, who has informed her that AME’s bid fails to conform to bid specifications in a number of key respects. In general, he is concerned that AME’s hardware and functionality projections are missing a number of key components which are critical not only to the future operation of the Library’s HVAC system, but the eventual fully integrated operation of Library/DPW/Police Department/Town Hall system.


The Purchasing Agent is finalizing his review with the Township’s legal counsel and it is anticipated that a formal presentation will be made to the Township Committee at its meeting later this month.


Ruth also expressed concern that any delay in moving forward as quickly as possible could result in the missed opportunity to have the Library’s system upgraded before Winter, the potential need to incur expenses for temporary “fixes” to the current system which might otherwise be avoided, and the potential impact on upgrading the DPW building which, as previously noted, is part of this project.


Leslie asked if the current proposal is consistent with anticipated Space Assessment options. Jonathan indicated that, based on current information and the consultant’s reasonably anticipated recommendations, there would be no reason to delay.

As things now stand, one of the two lowest bids will be accepted, with the ultimate decision based on completion of the review currently underway by the Township’s Purchasing Agent and the legal counsel. In order to be best-positioned to move forward without delay, Tom Russo made the following motion:


RESOLVED that the Board of Trustees accepts the recommendation of the Township’s Purchasing Agent to engage the lowest responsive and responsible bidder on the Library’s portion of the Central HVAC Controls and Modifications, in an amount not to exceed $173,615.


The Motion was seconded by Kippy Piedici.

A roll call vote was taken, with the following results:

                                                Leslie Workman:                              Aye

                                                Eileen Walsh:                                    Aye

                                                Tom Russo:                                         Aye

                                                Jonathan Vidler                :                               Aye

                                                Kippy Piedici:                                    Aye

                                                Tim Opremcak:                                 Aye


The Motion (#13-26) was unanimously adopted.


The business of the Special Meeting being completed, the meeting was adjourned by unanimous agreement at 8:28 p.m.