Minutes of the Meeting of the Board of Trustees

of the Bernards Township Library

April 27, 2011




President Tim Opremcak called the meeting to order at 7:40 p.m. in the Bernards Township Library Lower Level Program Room.



In accordance with the requirements of the Open Public Meetings Law of 1975, notice of the meeting was posted on the bulletin board in the Reception Hall of the Municipal Building, Collyer Lane, Basking Ridge and the Bernards Township Library Public Notices bulletin board; was mailed to The Bernardsville News, Bernardsville; was filed with the Township Clerk; and was posted on both the Township’s website and the Library’s website.



3.     ROLL CALL

Present:  Rima Khalil, Mary Jane McNally, Tim Opremcak, Tracy Redling, Scott Spitzer, Erica Studness, and Leslie Workman

Absent:  Lois Bloom and Paul Bryan

Also Present:  Anne Meany




Ann Smith and Jack Smythe, two longtime Library patrons, presented the Board with a scrapbook commemorating Phyllis McGuinness’ accomplishments with the Leisure Learning program. 




The Board moved to Program Room B where Supervising Reference Librarian Ruth Lufkin demonstrated Overdrive and Listen NJNW.  Depending on licensing, ebooks may be downloaded on computers, ebook readers, and/or mobile devices.  This session satisfies the State’s requirement for Library Board training.




MOTION 11-12 was made by Tracy Redling and seconded by Rima Khalil to approve the minutes of the March 30, 2011 meeting as written.  The motion carried unanimously.




The Director’s Search will be covered in the Personnel Committee report.

The Strategic Plan will be covered in the Planning Committee report.




·         The deadline for submitting a response to the MUF Dinner invitation is Wednesday, May 4, 2011.  The dinner is Wednesday, May 11, 2011 at the Hamilton Park Hotel in Florham Park.

·         The Program Coordinator position has been posted in usual library job sites.  Already, there have been several responses.

·         The bids for renovating the Library bathrooms have been opened.  The lowest bid is being reviewed by Township Attorney John Belardo and Township Purchasing Agent Francis Decibus to ensure that all the specs have been met.  If the lowest bidder is approved, then an overseer will need to be hired.

·         The Clean Energy grant work that had been held up is expected to start any day.

·         Leisure Learning is carrying on with the assistance of dedicated volunteers.  Ryan McCloskey is taping the concert series and sending them to Phyllis for her enjoyment.  One of these concerts will be dedicated to Phyllis.  Library staff also sent Phyllis a basket.




A.    Treasurer/Finance—Lois Bloom

No report.


B.    Advocacy—Leslie Workman

Leslie met with Anne Meany and Mary Jane McNally during Spring break for an overview of the NJLA legislature program and advocacy strategies.


C.    Friends of the Library Liaison—

The Friends will meet 10:15 am May 14, 2011. 


D.   Land and Building—Rima Khalil

One evening last week there was a leak in an air conditioning unit in the ceiling over the periodical room.  Thanks to an alert cleaning crew who alerted Anne Meany, there was minimal damage.  The problem will be repaired as part of the Clean Energy grant work.  In the meantime, the unit has been shut off. 


E.   Legislation—Mary Jane McNally

No report


F.   Personnel—Tim Opremcak

The Director Search Committee, chaired by Tim Opremcak, met to discuss the Director Search process.  MOTION 11-12 was made by Leslie Workman and seconded by Erica Studness to engage Pro Libra at an amount not to exceed $10,000 to perform specified search services.  The motion passed unanimously.


G.   Policy—Erica Studness

Erica distributed draft policy and procedures covering Staff use of Library Laptops.  MOTION 11-13 was made by Leslie Workman and seconded by Tracy Redling to accept the policy as written.  The motion passed unanimously.


H.  Planning 

Leslie Workman presented a proposal from The Ivy Group for strategic planning consultant services with revisions containing assurances that their work would be in compliance with state regulations.  MOTION 11-14 was made by Mary Jane McNally and seconded by Erica Studness to adopt The Ivy Group’s proposal at an amount not to exceed $19,000 plus travel expenses.  The motion passed unanimously.


I.    Technology—Mary Jane McNally

As Ruth Lufkin shared with us, the iPad has arrived.


J.    Township Committee Liaison—Scott Spitzer

Scott reported that the Township adopted the 2011 budget last night.


K.    Website (Ad Hoc)—Tracy Redling

Tracy reported that James Keehbler, has completed the basic website design using Drupal.  The Library will get a Flickr account by early June to facilitate loading pictures on the website. 




There was no Old Business.




MOTION 11-15 was made by Tracy Redling and seconded by Rima Khalil to adopt a resolution honoring Phyllis McGuinness for her outstanding service to the Library.  The resolution was read aloud and approved enthusiastically.




·         MOTION 11-16 was made by Rima Khalil and seconded by Mary Jane McNally to adjourn the meeting at 8:55 p.m.  The motion carried unanimously.

·         The next meeting of the Bernards Township Library Board of Trustees will be 7:30 p.m., Wednesday, May 25, 2011 in the Lower Level Conference Room of the Library.