Minutes of the Meeting of the Board of Trustees

of the Bernards Township Library

March 24, 2010



1.       CALL TO ORDER

President Tim Opremcak called the meeting to order at 7:32 p.m. in the Bernards Township Library Program Room A.



In accordance with the requirements of the Open Public Meetings Law of 1975, notice of the meeting was posted on the bulletin board in the Reception Hall of the Municipal Building, Collyer Lane, Basking Ridge and the Bernards Township Library Public Notices bulletin board; was mailed to The Bernardsville News, Bernardsville; was filed with the Township Clerk; and was posted on both the Township’s website and the Library’s website.


3.       ROLL CALL

Present:  Lois Bloom, Paul Bryan, Mary Jane McNally, Tim Opremcak, Tracy Redling, Erica Studness, and Leslie Workman

Absent:  Rima Khalil and Scott Spitzer

Also Present:  Anne Meany and a reporter from Basking Ridge Patch



There was no public comment



MOTION 10-06 was made by Lois Bloom and seconded by Leslie Workman to approve the minutes of the February 24, 2010 meeting as written.  The motion carried unanimously.



No report.



·         Ms Meany reported on proposed threats to library service included in the Governor’s budget.  His proposed 74% cuts to library program funding include delivery, Interlibrary Loan, and databases.  In addition, State Assemblyman John DiMaio has introduced A2555, which would eliminate the 1/3 mil funding requirement and leave a public library’s annual appropriation to the discretion of the municipal governing body.

·         Installation of the new phone system should be finished next week with an anticipated switch-over date of April 1.

·         Anne will be out next week for a family situation.

·         The PC Basics classes have been so popular that they are being offered every Wednesday and Monday—up from the initial offering of twice a month.

·         After many years at the Jersey Shore, former Library Director Anne Ryan has returned to Basking Ridge and is volunteering in the Historical Room.

·         The Library staff has donated a basket to Ridge Oak’s Basket Bingo.

·         Anne reported that she has investigated possible ways of preserving the Civil War letters from Dr. Hull’s estate.

·         The roof leaks during the recent rainstorm will cost $1,680 to repair.

·         Anne distributed the Leisure Learning brochure; registration continues to be strong.



A.      Treasurer/Finance—Lois Bloom

Ms Bloom reported that the 2010 budget has been released.  It is approximately $50,000 (2%) less than the 2009 budget.  Money in the reserve account will be put toward making necessary renovations to the bathrooms.


B.   Friends of the Library Liaison—

No report.


C.   Land and Building—Rima Khalil

Included in the Director’s report.


D.   Legislation—Mary Jane McNally

·         Ms McNally elaborated on the threats to library service included in the Director‘s report.  Of all the services that would be cut by the Governor’s proposed budget, Library staff felt that the loss of Interlibrary Loan would be the most painful to our patrons.

·         If passed, A2555, which would eliminate the 1/3 mil funding requirement, has the potential of inflicting greater damage to the library.

E.   Long Range Planning—Paul Bryan

Mr. Bryan reported on the website design requirements and timeline developed by Ryan McCloskey for the library website.  Ryan will continue to research desirable features on other NJ library websites and to obtain names of firms associated with developing those websites.  The Board discussed developing a functionality and scope of the project statement.


F.   Personnel—Tim Opremcak

No report.


G.   Policy—Leslie Workman

Ms Workman presented the revised Unattended Child Policy and Incident Report.  MOTION 10-07 was made by Lois Bloom and seconded by Erica Studness to approve both the policy and form as revised.   The motion passed unanimously. 


H.   Programming—

Included in the Director’s report


I.    Township Committee Liaison—Scott Spitzer

No report.



There was no Old Business



Ms Meany reminded Board members about the MUF dinner which will be Wednesday, May 5 at the Hamilton Park Conference Center.



·         MOTION 10-08 was made by Lois Bloom and seconded by Tracy Redling to adjourn the meeting at 8:45 p.m.  The motion carried unanimously.

·         The next meeting of the Bernards Township Library Board of Trustees will be 7:30 p.m., Wednesday, April 28, 2010 in the Lower Level Conference Room of the Library