Minutes of the Meeting of the Board of Trustees

of the Bernards Township Library

February 25, 2009



1.       CALL TO ORDER

President Joan Graff called the meeting to order at 7:32 p.m. in the Bernards Township Library Program Room A.



In accordance with the requirements of the Open Public Meetings Law of 1975, notice of the meeting was posted on the bulletin board in the Reception Hall of the Municipal Building, Collyer Lane, Basking Ridge and the Bernards Township Library Public Notices bulletin board; was mailed to The Bernardsville News, Bernardsville; was filed with the Township Clerk; and was posted on both the Township’s website and the Library’s website.


3.       ROLL CALL

Present:  Lois Bloom, Paul Bryan, Joan Graff, Carolyn Kelly, Rima Khalil, Mary Jane McNally, Tim Opremcak, Tracy Redling, and Marie Schelfaut

Also Present:  Anne Meany



There were no members of the public.



MOTION 09-01 was made by Lois Bloom and seconded by Rima Khalil to approve the minutes of the December 17, 2008 meeting as written.  The motion carried unanimously.



·         Ms Graff welcomed two new members to the Library Board.  Paul Bryan is completing the unfinished term of Wilma Harner and Mayor Carolyn Kelly is the Township Committee Liaison.

·         The 2009 budget has not been approved yet, but will be in line with the state’s minimum funding formula.

·         The Library Board’s Nominating Committee composed of Mary Jane McNally, Tracy Redling, and Marie Schelfaut proposed the following slate of officers for the 2009 Board:  President, Joan Graff; Treasurer, Lois Bloom; Secretary, Mary Jane McNally.  MOTION 09-02 was made by Rima Khalil and seconded by Tracy Redling to accept the proposed slate.  The motion passed unanimously. 



·         Ms Meany explained the Library’s relationship with the Morris Automated Information Network (M.A.I.N., Inc) and the need to pass a periodic membership agreement.  MOTION 09-03 was made by Joan Graff and seconded by Lois Bloom to renew the Library’s membership agreement with M.A.I.N., Inc. passed unanimously.

·         Anne reported that the Library was the beneficiary of two bequests.

·         Anita Berg retired for the second time.

·         Library use continues to grow.  The January circulation figure is up from 2008.



A.      Treasurer/Finance—Lois Bloom

o        The 2009 budget is estimated to be approximately $2,400,000.

o        Because of cost savings there is approximately $750,000 in the Library’s reserve account.

o        Ms Bloom recommended the Library’s long-range plan should include how to handle reserve funds.

B.   Friends of the Library Liaison—

The Board agreed to share responsibilities for attending Friends’ meetings.  Anne will circulate a schedule of meeting dates.  The next meeting is in May.

C.   Land and Building—Rima Khalil

o        The roof appears to be sound.  There was a small leak, but it was from an overflow to a boiler.  The boiler has been repaired.

o        The cleaning service will clean the bathrooms six days a week for an additional charge.

D.   Legislation—Mary Jane McNally

Currently, there is a movement in New Jersey to reduce the minimum funding level for municipal public libraries from 1/3 of a mill in equalized valuation to 1/6 of a mill.  NJLA has prepared a sample resolution opposing this position.  MOTION 09-04 was made by Mary Jane McNally and seconded by Lois Bloom to adopt this resolution.  The motion passed unanimously as amended.

E.   Personnel—Joan Graff, Tim Opremcak

Included in the Director’s report

F    Policy—Joan Graff

No report

G.   Programming—Joan Graff

No report. 

            H.  Technology—Mary Jane McNally

This committee will be disbanded.

I.    Township Committee Liaison—Carolyn Kelly

Bernards Township will be celebrating its 250th Anniversary in 2010.  Mayor Kelly urged the Library to look for ways to become involved in the celebration by developing programs such as One Book Bernards Township.



·         The Board will arrange to take former Board member Wilma Harner to dinner to thank her for her service.

·         Paul Bryan will do the groundwork to establish the scope of a long range planning committee.



MOTION 09-05 to revise the calendar of Board meeting dates passed unanimously.



·         MOTION 09-06 was made by Lois Bloom and seconded by Rima Khalil to adjourn the meeting at 8:40 p.m.  The motion carried unanimously.

·         The next meeting of the Bernards Township Library Board of Trustees will be 7:30 p.m., Wednesday, March 11, 2009 in the Lower Level Program Room A of the Library.