When the Fire inspector arrives at your house they will be checking the smoke detectors, the carbon monoxide detectors and the fire extinguisher.


**IMPORTANT: Please see “Smoke Detector Requirements” attached to your application form for what type of smoke detector is required for your dwelling.

 The fire inspector will spray one of the smoke detectors with a can of smoke to make sure it works. If the smoke detectors are interconnected every smoke detector in the house must go off when one is tested. The inspector will continue to check each smoke detector individually until all have been checked.


He/she will then test the battery backup of each smoke detector. The electric circuit breaker for the smoke detectors will be turned off and the inspector will again spray smoke on each smoke detector to check that the battery backup is working. This only applies to dwellings with interconnected electric smoke detectors with battery backup.



** IMPORTANT: Please see “Carbon Monoxide Requirements” attached to your application form for more information on carbon monoxide detectors.

The fire inspector will test the carbon monoxide detectors by pressing the test button. It should emit a series of beeps, then a pause, then another series of beeps. The carbon monoxide detectors must be located within 10 feet of the bedroom doors or one in each bedroom.



** IMPORTANT: Please see “Fire Extinguisher Requirements” attached to your application form for more information on fire extinguishers.

The fire inspector will check that the fire extinguisher is mounted with the manufacturers mount in the kitchen or within 10 feet of the kitchen. The fire extinguisher cannot be sitting in a cabinet, on the floor, on a table or on the counter. IT MUST BE MOUNTED. It can be mounted in a cabinet (must be in the front of the cabinet with nothing blocking it) in the kitchen or within 10 feet of the kitchen. It must be mounted no higher than 5 feet and be at least 4 ½” off the ground. The fire extinguisher must be ABC type and no larger than 10 pounds.



If your dwelling does not pass you must come into the office to make another appointment for a re-inspection. You will be required to pay the same fee you paid for the first inspection.


Please call the office at 908-204-2511 ext. 2511 with any questions prior to your appointment so we may assist you.


If you need to reschedule your appointment kindly give us at least 24 hours notice.