Requirements for

Carbon Monoxide (CO) Detectors


NJ State law now requires that any dwelling that contains a fuel burning  appliance, fireplace, woodstove, or an attached garage upon sale, lease, rental (change of occupancy), be equipped with a Carbon Monoxide (CO) detector. No construction permit is required for their installation, unless they are permanently connected to the homes electrical wiring. These detectors are available from most hardware stores, home centers, department stores, and discount stores. Detectors may be battery operated, plug-in, or hard wired with battery backup. Detectors must be installed (if not already) before making an appointment with our office.


CO detectors shall be centrally located in the hallway within 10 feet of the bedroom doors or one in each bedroom. The detector may be ceiling or wall mounted and installed in a competent manner and in accordance with the manufacturer’s installation instructions. All detectors shall be located and mounted so that jarring or vibration will not cause accidental operation. All detectors shall be supported independently of their attachment wires.




***PLEASE NOTE: DETECTORS DO EXPIRE. To test your detector, press the test button. The detector should emit a series of beeps, followed by a brief pause, then another series of beeps. One beep is not sufficient, it must be a series of beeps. ***