Township of Bernards Engineering Department





Definition from Bernards Township Land Development Ordinance:



Shall mean the portion of a site, expressed as a percentage of the lot area, covered by impervious materials. Parking areas, regardless of the materials used for construction, shall be deemed to be covered by impervious material.



Lot coverage must be calculated for existing conditions and proposed conditions.  The following items must be included in all lot coverage calculations, except for properties in the PUD-5 zone:


  • building footprint, including cantilevers and overhangs
  • driveways/parking areas, including all surface types (asphalt, pavers, concrete, gravel etc.) 
  • accessory structures
  • walkways/ patios/recreational courts, including all surface types (asphalt, concrete, pavers, flagstone etc.)
  • above-ground and in ground swimming pools (surface area of pool and surrounding patio)
  • covered porches, covered decks (note: open decks with no walls or roofs are not included)
  • any other impervious surfaces on the lot




Call the Zoning Officer, Nancy Koederitz, with any questions: (908) 204-2507