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Tax Collector

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We now accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express in the office for your tax and sewer payments. A 2.95% convenience fee will be applied when making a payment.

Our mailing address is:

One Collyer Lane
Basking Ridge NJ 07920

  • The Tax Collector is responsible for the billing, collection and reporting of taxes for all non-exempt Township properties. Additionally, we bill, collect and report sewer user fees for all properties within the Bernards Township Sewerage Authority area.
  • Property taxes are based on the assessor's valuation of real property and levied for the calendar year. The taxes for the Township, local school district, county purposes and both local and county open space are combined into one levy that is apportioned on the tax bill by rate and amount for taxpayer information only. Taxes levied for purposes of the local school district cover the current calendar year.
  • The Tax Collector collected 99.57% of the total tax levy in 2019. The Tax Collection division services 10,662 tax accounts and 7,264 sewer accounts as of 1-1-20.
      Bernards Township's tax rate for 2020 is as follows:
    • County Tax $ .330
    • County Open Space .032
    • District School 1.389
    • Municipal Tax .308
    • Municipal Library .035
    • Total rate 2020 $2.094
  • Final tax bills for 2020 (due November 1) will be mailed in September. The third quarter estimated bill that was mailed on June 15, 2020 is the bill to be used when paying the August 1 bill.
  • Please contact our office for information concerning veteran deductions and senior/disabled deductions.
  • Office hours are Monday through Friday 8:30 am to 4:30 pm. Our mailing address is Bernards Township, One Collyer Lane, Basking Ridge, NJ 07920. We can be reached at 908-204-3080 or email us at

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q:Can I pay my taxes online?
  • A:Yes, tax payments can be made online. Click here for more details. You will have three options to pay. The first option is an automatic clearing house (ACH) withdrawal from your checking or savings account. This is a free service and can be accessed by block and lot and banking information. Secondly, you can pay with a credit card for a convenience fee and third, by authorizing a direct withdrawal. You will need your block and lot to access your information.
  • Q:Can I pay my sewer bills online?
  • A:Yes, sewer payments may be made online by the same three options as above. Click here for more details. A convenience fee is added to all sewer credit/debit card transactions. You will need your sewerage bill account number to access your information. This is located in the upper left of your bill.
  • Q:What deductions are available to Bernards Township residents?
  • A:Veteran/Widow of a veteran deduction-must be an honorably discharged veteran from a specified time frame and a New Jersey resident. For a veteran deduction, proof of discharge will be needed. For a widow of a veteran, included with the above, a copy of the marriage and death certificate will be needed to accompany the application.
  • Senior deduction is for residents 65 years of age or older as of October 1 of the pre tax year, living in the residence they wish to claim, and their income does not exceed $10,000 a year, excluding some or all of their social security or certain pensions. Applications for either deduction can be picked up at the Collector's office.

Important Dates

  • Taxes are due on the first of February, May, August and November of each year.
  • There is a ten calendar day grace period for each, with all payments due in our office no later than the 10th of the month they are due.
  • Sewer bills are billed in mid-December due January 1 and mid June, due July 1.
  • Sewer user fees have a 30 day grace and must be received in our office no later than the 30th calendar day in the month they are due.
  • Bernards Township does not accept postmark for tax and sewer payments.

Important Links

For information on the FAIR Homeowner Rebate or the Property Tax Reimbursement Program (Property Tax Freeze)
New Jersey Department of Taxation
New Jersey Division of Local Government Services
Government Finance Officers Association of New Jersey
New Jersey League of Municipalities

For information about State Property Tax Relief Programs, including eligibility criterion and potential deduction or credit amounts, please visit the Division of Taxation's website at

Departmental Contacts

Employee Name
Phone Number
Tax Collector
(908) 204-3080
Deputy Tax Collector
(908) 204-3079
Administrative Secretary
(908) 204-3080

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