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Public Works

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  • The Department of Public Works is an organization that provides services, as per our mission statement, for the residents of the Township, the public in general as well as the other municipal departments and agencies. Most services can be characterized as maintenance or support activities.
  • The Public Works Department, through its employees, provides for the delivery of high quality, cost effective, efficient, safe services involving public infrastructure and facilities to enhance the quality of life in Bernards Township. This is accomplished through:
    • Management of basic public services such as rights-of-way, thoroughfares and other public facilities including streets, drainage ways, recycling, solid waste collection, lighting, street marking, signage, building maintenance, vehicle maintenance;
    • Planning for the future of the above facilities;
    • Leadership committed to provide a quality local environment through innovative management practices, the use of the best available technology, and teamwork.
  • The department consists of three primary divisions. They are: Roads (with 17 full time employees), Fleet (3 full time employees); and and Grounds (9 full time employees). Department management (and administrative support personnel with a total of 4 full time employees) also has oversight of the activities of the Community Service Division, has operational control of all snow and ice control operations (regardless of department or division assignments) and functions in a direct management, oversight or coordinating capacity for various other areas of activity such as solid waste collection and disposal, recycling and Clean Communities programs, Shade Tree program, street lighting maintenance, etc.
  • Service request response and quality assurance continues to be the first concern for this department. It is our goal to respond quickly to each request, maintain the same quality service and monitor our completion rate and customer satisfaction. Excellence in customer service is the underlying theme that is practiced up and down the organization;
  • Development of new homes in the Township is almost complete and all roadways and improvements will be accepted for township maintenance within a short period of time. The time lag between acceptance of infrastructure and demand for maintenance is a recognized fact. As that demand becomes reality, maintaining current service levels (whether routine, seasonal or emergency) has been and continues to be a major challenge and a second goal for the department;
  • Continued implementation of the 15-year road improvement program utilizing computer software and pavement management technology is the third goal;
  • Continued use and expansion of shared services and outsourcing to contain costs while addressing all service and support demands;
  • Maintaining the infrastructure of Bernards Township, beyond those specific requests from citizens, is also a primary goal of this department;
  • Support and encourage participation in fire, first aid, emergency management and other safety activities for the Township;
  • Expand and intensify the safety, trade and professional skills training of the numerous new and recently promoted personnel in the department.

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