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We are currently accepting turf field reservations for dates through March 31.
Beginning at 8:30am on March 2, we will begin to accept turf and grass field reservations for dates through September 7.
All field reservations must be made in person and paid in full at the time of booking.
View Field Availability Online
All grass athletic fields are now closed until 4/1/20.
Smoking and vaping is not permitted in outdoor public areas in Bernards Township parks in accordance with the NJ Smoke-Free Air Act.

Athletic Field Types by Location

Multipurpose Field
Multipurpose Field
Baseball Field
90' Infield
Softball Field
60' Infield
Astor Fields 2 1
Dunham Park 1 1
Farmstead Park 1
Mountain Park 2 Turf Fields
with Lights
2 2
1 with Lights
1 with Lights
Pleasant Valley Park 4 1 3
Rebel Hill Park 1 1
Southard Park 1 1
War Memorial Complex 1 1 1
Washington Avenue Field 1

Multipurpose fields are used for "rectangle sports" – soccer, lacrosse, football, etc. Large multipurpose fields may be set up for regulation soccer, lacrosse or football. Small multipurpose fields may be set up for division 5 soccer or for practice only. Field set up varies by season. The artificial turf fields at Mountain Park are lined for soccer, football and girls and boys lacrosse.

Athletic Field Reservations

We begin to accept reservations for grass athletic fields on the first business day in April for the calendar year. Turf field reservations will be accepted from the general public on or about March 1st. You may call 908-204-3003 to check field availability. Dates are not held over the phone. Field availability varies by season.

Grass fields are CLOSED for the winter, the Monday following the third Sunday in November through the Friday prior to the first Saturday in April.

Click here for more information on how to make an athletic field reservation and to view available field options for the current season.


Click here for directions to all facilities.

Young lungs play in our parks. We thank you for not smoking.