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Fire Prevention Bureau - Fire Investigation

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Fire Investigations

The Bernards Township Fire Prevention Bureau is charged with investigating any and all reported Fire and Explosions within the township’s borders. Per N.J.A.C 5:71-3.3(24,25)- :Respond to and cause to be investigated any complaints brought under the code;” “Investigate, or cause to be investigated, every reported fire or explosion occurring within the jurisdiction that involves the loss of life or serious injury or causes destruction or damage to property. Such investigation shall be initiated immediately upon the occurrence of such fire or explosion; and if it appears that such an occurrence is of a suspicious nature, the fire official shall take charge immediately of the physical evidence, and in order to preserve any physical evidence relating to the cause or origin of such fire or explosion, take means to prevent access by any person or persons to such building, structure or premises until such person designated by law to pursue investigations into such matters becomes involved and shall further cooperate with such authorities in the collection of evidence and prosecution of the case”. The Bernards Township Fire Prevention Bureau has two certified Fire Investigators who utilize the New Jersey Uniform Fire Code and the National Fire Protection Association 921 and 1033 documents to determine the authority to investigate and provide a basic methodology for the investigations.