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Fire Prevention Bureau

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  • The Bernards Township Fire Prevention Bureau enforces the Uniform Fire Code of the State of New Jersey. We do smoke/carbon monoxide detector and fire extinguisher inspections for residential properties that are being sold, leased or rented. The Bureau does regular inspections of all businesses, schools, restaurants and healthcaree facilities in the township.
  • The Bureau consists of the Fire Official, Fire Inspector, Smoke and C.O. Detector Inspector and Secretary. We are located at 277 South Maple Ave., in the Engineering Building 2nd Floor.
  • Our hours are 8:30 a.m. till 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.

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New Jersey Division of Fire Safety.
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Life Hazard Use Registration.
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2015 NJ Fire Code
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Uniform Fire Code of New Jersey
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Instructions: If you agree then click "Agree", then click "Title 5", then click "Chapter 70 – Uniform Fire Code"
This is the actual legislation that we are required to enforce. The "Subchapter 3 - State Fire Prevention Code" is enforceable during all inspections. The "Subchapter 4 – Fire Safety Code" is an extra subchapter that is enforceable during inspections in buildings built before January 1st, 1977.

Permit Information

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q:Once I open a business, school, healthcare or group home in the township what is required of me after I get a Certificate of Occupancy?
  • A:Register with the Fire Prevention Bureau for required inspections. To register come into the Fire Prevention office at 277 South Maple Ave. and a registration form will be given to you. When the completed application is received you will be called for the best time to do a fire prevention inspection at your facility. At the time of the inspection, the inspector will answer all fire prevention questions concerning your particular Use Group.
  • Q: What am I required to do when I sell lease or rent my residential property?
  • A:You are required to come into the office at 277 South Maple Ave. and make an appointment for an inspection of the smoke and carbon monoxide detectors to make sure they work and are in the correct locations. We also check to make sure you have a usable ABC fire extinguisher no heavier than 10 lbs. in the proper location.

    No appointments will be made over the phone and the appointment must be paid for at the time the appointment is made.

    When you visit the office, written information on the requirements will be given to you in detail.

  • Q:When do I need a Fire Safety Permit?
  • A:1. You need a permit when an open flame or flame producing device is used in connection with any public gathering (exception is in a one or two family home).
    2. For a Bonfire or the use of a torch or flame producing device to remove paint from or seal membrane roofs on any building or structure.
    3. Welding and cutting operations where it is not already approved and registered for that type of business use.
    4. The possession or use of explosives or blasting agents requires a permit, (blasting for construction, fireworks).
    5. Fire extinguisher training using open flame for non-fire service personnel.
    6. Carnivals and circuses employing mobile enclosed structures used for human occupancy.
  • Q:May I use a propane grill at my condominium?
  • A:Portable LP gas cooking equipment shall not be stored or used:

    1. On any porch, balcony or any other portion of a building;
    2. Within any room or space of a building;
    3. Within five feet, of any combustible exterior wall;
    4. Within five feet, vertically or horizontally, of an opening in any wall;
    5. Under any building overhang.

    Charcoal burners, other open-flame cooking devices and outdoor fireplaces shall not be operated or stored on combustible balconies or decks or within 5 feet of combustible construction.

  • Q:How often should I clean my fireplace flue and dryer vents?
  • A:Chimney and flues every other year and dryer vents yearly, unless you notice irregularities such as smoke coming back into the room when the flue is open. A dryer that will not dry clothes even though it is getting hot. Both of these occurrences suggest a clogged ventilation system. Stop the use of the fireplace or dryer until the problem has been corrected.

Departmental Contacts

Employee Name Position Phone Number
Andrew Buterbaugh Fire Official 908-204-2514
Bob Houlihan Smoke Detector Inspector 908-204-2511
Mark Sylvester Fire Inspector 908-204-3094
Maria Rossi Administrative Assistant 908-204-2511

FAX 908-204-3089