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Fire Prevention Bureau

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The Fire Prevention Bureau enforces the New Jersey Uniform Fire Code within the Township of Bernards. The Bureau performs regular inspections of buildings open to the public to ensure the safety of the residents and visitors of the Township. Our inspectors regularly check for fire safety violations in all commercial, educational, healthcare, public, assembly, and other types of buildings and properties that are required to have inspections under state laws. Also, whenever a residential property changes hands, a special inspection is required. In addition to inspections, we also provide fire safety education in schools and community organizations jointly with the Liberty Corner and Basking Ridge Fire Companies. Our staff are also dually trained as Fire Investigators and perform investigations within the Township when fires occur.

If you have any specific questions that are not included on this web site, please see the contact information listed at the bottom of this page.

Important Links:

Look up something in the law --> Title 5: Community Affairs
--> Chapter 70: Uniform Fire Code

This is the actual New Jersey law that outlines how Fire Prevention Bureaus work. Subchapter 4 has statewide upgrade requirements for buildings built before 1977.

Look up something in the NJ 2015 Fire Code

This is the main body of the fire code which contains general safety requirements for all buildings.

Ask a Fire Code Question This link will take you to a web site where you can ask a fire code question to the New Jersey State Division of Fire Safety.
New Jersey State Division of Fire Safety The Fire Safety laws in NJ are statewide. This agency can provide a lot of information about Fire Safety.
Life Hazard Use Registration If you have been told by our staff that your facility needs to be registered as a “Life Hazard Use” with the state of New Jersey, this link can take you to the NJ RIMS systems where you can update and view your registration.
Permitted Fire Protection Contractors All contractors who work on Fire Protection Systems need to be permitted through the New Jersey Division of Fire Safety. This link will provide you with a list of all contractors allowed to work in the state.
Stove Safety Guide Stove Safety Guide

Departmental Contacts

Employee Name Position Phone Number
Mark Sylvester Fire Official 908-204-3094
Russell Nydegger Fire Inspector 908-204-2514
Bob Houlihan Smoke Detector Inspector 908-204-2511
Maria Rossi Administrative Assistant 908-204-3000
Andrea Freijomil Administrative Associate 908-204-2511

FAX 908-204-3089