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Quick Guide for Residential Driveways

SECTION 21-38. Residential Driveways

§ 21-38.1. Residential Driveways (other than flag lots).

[Ord. #585, § 609A; Ord. #1103, § 37]

a. All driveways shall be a minimum of 10 feet in width and shall be constructed of at least four inches of compacted subbase material and two inches of five-eighths-inch roadway stone or comparable material. Aprons shall be provided in accordance with the provisions of this chapter.

b. Driveway Grades. Driveway grades shall not exceed 10% at any point along the entire length of the driveway. In addition, the driveway grade shall not exceed 8% for a distance of eight feet from the curbline, and a transition curve shall be provided between the eight-percent grade and any increase in grade.

c. Driveway Side Slopes. The side slopes of driveways shall be topsoiled, seeded, fertilized and mulched or otherwise stabilized to prevent erosion. If banks exceed a two to one slope, and the slope face is not stable rock, retaining walls shall be constructed in a manner approved by the Township Engineer.

d. Driveway Location. No driveway shall be located within five feet of a side lot line unless it is a common driveway for twin, duplex or multifamily dwelling units, or for single-family dwelling units within a Natural Resource Conservation Development Overlay Zone.
[Ord. #1932, 4-10-2007, amended]

§ 21-38.2. Residential Flag Lot Driveways.

[Ord. #585, § 609B; Ord. #760, § 49]

a. The driveway shall be a minimum of 12 feet in width constructed with four inches compacted subbase material and a two-inch depth of three-eighths-inch roadway stone (surface course) or equivalent driveway section.

b. A stabilized berm of three feet in width shall be constructed on each side of the driveway. The berm shall have a maximum cross slope of 5% so that the stabilized berm in conjunction with the driveway will allow vehicles to pass one another.

c. The Planning Board may permit an increase in the maximum driveway grade to 13% if the applicant can demonstrate that the increased grade would result in less site disturbance, loss of vegetation, help promote aesthetics and will not have any adverse impact on safety or surrounding properties.

d. A turnaround shall be provided at the end of the driveway which shall be designed for a single unit design vehicle.

e. Provision shall be made for adequate drainage along and/or across the driveway so as not to change the existing drainage pattern.

f. The profile of the driveway shall be designed using vertical curves providing safe stopping distance for a design speed of 15 miles per hour.