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The Engineering Services Building is located at 277 So. Maple Avenue, Basking Ridge.

Hours: Monday through Friday –

   Engineering 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM
   Planning/Zoning 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM
   Zoning Officer 7 AM to 3:30 PM

The Engineering Services Department oversees the Engineering, Planning, Zoning, Fire Prevention Bureau and Construction Code Departments. This department also administers the Planning Board and Board of Adjustment. Close coordination is also maintained with the Agricultural Task Force, Community Service, Environmental Commission, Shade Tree Commission, and other Township Departments.

The Engineering Department administers all land use and construction work in the Township. The land use reviews range from an individual resident's zoning concern to the review of large-scale residential and commercial projects. The site inspection staff reviews all development and Township construction. The Engineering staff provides in-house designs for road maintenance, drainage, and bikeway/sidewalk programs. The Department also assists the Board of Education with some of their construction needs. Township tax and GIS data maps are also maintained by Engineering Department personnel.


In 2014, Bernards Township utilized hot in-place asphalt recycling (HIR) for the first time as part of our capital road management program. This method recycles the surface layer of the road without removing the existing asphalt, as would normally occur with a typical mill-and-hot mix asphalt paving process. Using HIR allowed the Township to reduce hot mix asphalt paving and roadway milling operations resulting in savings on asphalt material costs, trucking and hauling costs, disposal costs, and fuel. HIR also significantly decreases the carbon footprint associated with conventional paving. This is a specialty construction process, which had not previously been employed in New Jersey, but has been successfully used by large State Transportation Departments throughout the country.

HIR involves the rejuvenation of the existing asphalt surface in preparation of a thin lift overlay. The pavement is heated to soften the existing roadway followed by multiple rows of scarifying teeth that are pulled through the softened material. During scarification asphalt modifier is added to re-introduce components to the aged asphalt that were lost to oxidation during the aging process. Scarification effectively remixes the old material, re-amalgamating the asphalt surface eliminating cracks, potholes, and other defects. Additional leveling and redistribution of the mixed material is achieved by augers followed by a paving screed. The screed maintains the profile and cross section of the street allowing proper drainage to occur. The rejuvenated asphalt is immediately compacted similar to hot mix asphalt paving.

Many of the roads treated with the HIR process were also treated after the HIR with a thin lift overlay called microsurfacing. Microsurfacing is an emulsion-based product combined with fine aggregates and cement. It is essentially an economical, fortified seal coat that provides a durable wearing surface. Microsurfacing is used by the New Jersey Department of Transportation on state and interstate highways as well as by other local agencies.

For more information about HIR, please contact the Engineering Department.

Engineering Department 2014 Completed Projects

  • The Department resurfaced 6.6 miles of Township roads during 2014. The roads included:
    • Schindler Drive and Belle Grove Court
    • Courter Street, Oakley Street, Beechwood Road, William Street, and North Brook Avenue
    • Spencer Road
    • Chapin Lane
    • Quincy Road
    • Manor Drive and Penwood Road
    • Somerville Road – Completed with the assistance of a $250,000 grant obtained through the NJDOT Local Aid Program
  • ADA compliant curb ramps were constructed on all roads listed above with pre-existing sidewalk.
  • Stormwater inlet and sidewalk repairs were completed on all roads listed above.

Departmental Contacts

Employee Name Position Phone Number
Tom Timko, P.E. Township Engineer (908) 204-3020
Valerie Spies, P.E. Assistant Township Engineer (908) 204-3007
David Schley, AICP/PP Township Planner (908) 204-3004
Chuck Drews Chief Inspector (908) 204-3006
Mark Herrmann, P.E. Senior Staff Engineer (908) 204-3005
Anthony Giralo, E.I.T. Staff Engineer (908) 204-3008
Nancy Koederitz, PE, LEED AP Zoning Officer (908) 204-2507
Lorraine DeGrande Administrative Coordinator (908) 204-3020
Susan Long Administrative Assistant (908) 204-3019
Leslie Meth Administrative Secretary (908) 204-3000

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